EmergencyMD   2498 N Pleasantburg Dr B Greenville,SC29609   (864) 305-5000
2498 N Pleasantburg Dr B
GreenvilleSC 29609
 (864) 305-5000

Reviews Of EmergencyMD

4.93 375 Reviews
Kellyn Kelemen
Aug 13, 2018

Registration/check in was quick, almost no wait time (three other patients at the time) well staffed, friendly. The physician was great, everyone was professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

Chandra Willis-Kasa
Aug 12, 2018

Beautiful facility & great service! Always a short wait...thankful for the convenient location too!

Jennifer Funsten
Aug 04, 2018

I came in feeling sick and was so pleased with how quickly they got me in and how kind all the staff was! Everyone was so nice and helpful, definitely would choose to go to EmergencyMD again!

Andrelina Morales
Jul 30, 2018

Tony McCreary
Jul 22, 2018

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